New and Improved Google Drive Integration

Apr 23

We’ve got some great news for our customers who work with Google Drive; we’ve added even more ways for you to integrate your Google account with Zone PDF!

If you’re familiar with Zone PDF, you already know that our service allows you to upload files directly from Google Drive.

So what’s new?

Well, to start with, when you log into Zone PDF with your Google account, you no longer have to re-verify your account information in order to upload documents from your drive. Simply click on the Google Drive icon, and you’ll be able to directly choose the files you want to upload.

With this new feature, integrating your drive with Zone PDF is faster than ever, and completely hassle-free!

And not only that, but we’ve now added an option for you to automatically save the brand new files you create on this site directly to Google Drive.

In your settings, if you’ve signed in with your Google account, you’ll see a box that says “Automatically save converted files to Google Drive when linked Google account,” as pictured below.

Simply make sure that the box is checked, and no matter what action you perform (Convert PDF to JPG, Split PDF, Compress PDF, etc.), the resulting file(s) from the action will automatically be stored in your drive.

Of course, your security is our top priority at Zone PDF, so we stress that all of your files are completely safe. Zone PDF does not access any of your information on Google Drive until you tell it to, and none of the files you upload or create are stored in our servers long-term.

So there you have it! Next time you have a file that needs converting, simply log into Zone PDF with your Google account and see for yourself how Zone PDF’s new features can work for you.